Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are connector bits that link one system to another. But the true value of APIs is that they enable businesses, governments and community organisations to:

  • Modernise their IT in way that makes them more flexible to use data, reuse services as components in multiple products, and iterate faster and continuously build new features
  • Connect with external partners in an ecosystem/platform model that allows others to co-create their own value.

Up until now, Platformable has mostly been the name of my (Mark Boyd)'s consultancy website and 'shopfront'. But over the past several years, through my consultancy work, industry analysis, and content production services, I have developed a number of data products and services. Four recent examples demonstrate the future direction of Platformable:

In 2020, Platformable is growing as a data company focused on measuring the ecosystem and platform potential in four key sectors:

  • Open Banking
  • Digital Government
  • Integrated Mobility
  • Sustainable Food Systems.

If you work, research or contribute to any of these sectors, you need to know:

  • Who is succeeding at creating an ecosystem of connected partners and stakeholders?
  • What products and services are being offered and what business models are effective?
  • How are stakeholders participating in a way that creates value for everyone and respects the sustainable use of resources?
  • How can you participate and generate your own value?

Platformable's products help you answer these questions. To find out more:

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