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Achieve seamless compliance and drive growth with our comprehensive Open Banking Accelerator.
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Open Banking Accelerator

The open banking dashboard keeps us updated on new regulations effortlessly. It’s incredibly user-friendly and ensures we stay compliant with ease. A must-have tool for staying ahead of industry changes!

Accelerator User
Head of Open Banking

The country profiles feature is fantastic! It gives us a comprehensive view of banking data across different regions, making our international operations much smoother. Highly recommend this dashboard!

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Head of Innovation

Gain unparalleled insights and streamline your operations with our comprehensive dashboard.

What's included
Real-Time Data Monitoring

Stay updated with real-time data tracking and alerts, ensuring you never miss critical information.

Data Export

Export data tailored to your specific needs, enabling in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.

Interactive Visualizations

Engage with dynamic visualizations that make complex data easy to understand and act upon.

Secure Data Management

Benefit from top-tier data security, ensuring your information is always protected and compliant with regulations.

Unlock the Power of Open Data with the Open Banking Accelerator

Regulation Tracking

Stay Compliant

Keep up with evolving global regulations effortlessly, ensuring your business remains compliant and avoids penalties.

Regulation Tracking
Improved Market Understanding

Gain Competitive Edge

Understand market trends and consumer behavior to stay ahead of competitors and adapt to changes effectively.

Improved Market Understanding
Stay Updated

Real-time Knowledge

Data is refreshed every 24 hours. Receive updates directly in the dashboard and get notified about new features.

Stay Updated
Comprehensive Data


Explore our interactive dashboard for data on open banking regulations in over 120 countries, including upcoming regulations and key performance indicators. Easily download the data you need.

Seamless Operations
Advanced Analytics

Predictive Insights

Leverage advanced analytics to predict trends and outcomes, helping you stay proactive in your strategic planning.

Advanced Analytics

Empower Your Sector with the Open Banking Dashboard

Unlock the potential of your data with solutions tailored to your specific needs.


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    Unlock critical information and stay ahead in open banking with our comprehensive dashboard. Get expert insights and drive growth.

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      Open Banking context in more than 120 countries
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      Interactive dashboard of open banking regulations
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      Upcoming regulation timelines
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      Country profiles
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      Download complete data