We are a Barcelona based startup building data products and digital tools for a global audience of non-profits, businesses, startups, and multilateral organisations

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We support open ecosystems that:
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Build economic opportunities

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Solve complex problems

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Enable everyone to participate and co-create their own value

...To open source and open ecosystems

We donate/volunteer a percentage of our work projects to open source projects and we select open source technologies where we can.


We allocate internal team time on building content and products that can be shared in the open. 


We offer a 10% discount on our project pricing to open source community organisations and non-profits. 


We are building partnerships with organisations that work on reducing health inequalities and we look for opportunities to extend our industry knowledge in support of vanguards working in this area. 

...To diversity and equity

We are an LGBT-owned startup committed to hiring a diverse workforce that represents all of us who are not traditionally prioritised when building communities, products or services. 


We collect data on the participation and work of businesses that are women-led and have diverse management and we ensure that when we discuss the role of open ecosystems we give representation to these businesses. We ensure that when we discuss open ecosystems we reflect on whether they are supporting the needs of all market segments and use case needs. 


We collect metrics that measure the capacity for open ecosystems to ensure participation from under-represented populations and whether the value of open ecosystem models is distributed to all stakeholder groups equitably.

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Platformable is committed to managing people´s data responsibly. Check out our Privacy Policy

Check out our Privacy Policy
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Platformable is a proud signatory to the Barcelona Inclusive Coding agreement. We hire our development team via MigraCode and have established a trainee-to-employment pathway for recent graduates to help early career developers from diverse backgrounds to enter the labour market.