Open Banking/Open Finance Trends Report

Find the opportunities in open finance

Dive into our Quarterly Global Open Banking/Open Finance Trends Reports for an in-depth, data-led view of banking platforms, APIs, fintech, consumer needs, regulations, and emerging activities across the ecosystem

Actionable information on:


Dive into key trends shaping the future of finance

Emerging trends

Keep up with new regulatory decisions and emerging features provided in the open banking sector before they are mainstream

Map your ecosystem

Track consumer needs, bank providers, aggregators, fintech, business models and more

Data access

Receive the underlying data that each trends report is built on and do your own analysis

Discover the benefits tailored just for you

Tailored for:
  • Traditional banks
  • Financial services corporation

Innovation Opportunities

Identify new technologies and services for product development

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead in the market by adapting to changes more effectively

Global Expansion

Align services with global Open Banking standards for international growth

Regulatory Influence

Actively engage with regulators to shape regulatory frameworks and impact operations positively

Partnership Opportunities

Collaborate with fintech companies and partners for mutual growth


Anticipate and adapt to changes for long-term relevance and sustainability

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Open Banking/ Open Finance Trends Report

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