We work with industry groups, governments, consultants, and non-profits to encourage:

Platform business models

Open ecosystems where everyone can participate.


Platform approaches have two big advantages

Platforms open up the value previously locked in data and capabilities.

Platforms enable digital ecosystems where everyone can participate and co-create.

What we do

At Platformable we:

Build tools

To foster platforms and open ecosystems

Measure value

Generated from platforms and ecosystems

Share best practices

By describing what has worked for others

Connect Partners

To work and learn from each other

Key areas

We measure the growth of digital open ecosystems in:

Open Finance

Digital Government

Public health

Circular/low-carbon economy

Our clients

We work with:

We create tools and analysis that can help you:


Governments need to collaborate openly with increasingly complex networks of partners and stakeholders.


Regulatory authorities need to ensure that platforms are creating equitable opportunities for all.

Industry networks

Associations need to offer tools and training that can encourage their members to move to platform models.

API providers and consultants

Ecosystem service providers and consultants need to draw on best practices and latest evidence to communicate their value.


We publish analysis and insights

We share data on the growth of platforms and ecosystems and track how value is being generated.

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