A comprehensive summary of the key trends in Banking APIs around the globe

Available for download at: https://www.axway.com/en/modernize/banking-apis-state-of-the-market-2018

Client:  Axway

Partners: apidays

Timeline: 4 months (September 2018 - January 2019)

Tools used: Google Sheets, Google Docs, Typeform, InDesign, MailerLite


  • Comprehensive overview of availability of open APIs by banks around the globe, looking a the full banking stack: business purpose and API product availability, developer engagement, and security and technology adoption
  • High SEO for client for "open banking APIs" keywords
  • Maintenance of industry thought leadership positioning for client
  • Over 2000 downloads
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Over the past five years, Platformable (in partnership with apidays[http://apidays.co] and our sponsors), has been producing Banking APIs: State ofthe Market reports. Banking APIs: State of the Market Reports from 2016, 2017 and 2018In that time,a lot has changed: * Bank platforms have grown f…
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