Data Governance

Data governance refers to the policies and processes that ensure that data is managed ethically, responsibly, equitably, and securely within an organisation and with partners and other external users.

Data is an essential resource in open ecosystems, but in order for data to be used effectively and securely internally and with others, it needs to be managed responsibly and in a way that ensures it maintains quality and is interoperable.

Platformable's Data Governance training products, resources and tools can help your organisation to build a comprehensive, automated, high quality data governance system.

Self-paced learning management system

An online training course with self-paced exercises, handouts, and materials to support your team to build and maintain your organisation’s data governance system. Our first course focuses on health data governance.

Data governance systems app

A web-browser based app that allows you to collect, reference, maintain, and update all components of your data governance system in one place

Data governance mentoring support

Review your data governance processes, map current team skills, and define a maturity roadmap to extend data governance skills and processes across your organisation

Our process

Platformable’s data governance process has been built on best practices and has been thoroughly tested with clients. Our model has identified each of the core components needed for effective data governance and each component can be fleshed out in a non-linear pathway, led by managers, or by implementation teams, or in response to client or partner needs.

Work with Platformable on your specific data governance needs. In addition to our Data Governance products, we can work with your organisation or network to enhance your data governance approach. This can include:
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Maturity assessment and strategy development

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Recruitment and onboarding training for new staff

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1:1 mentoring of key staff

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White-labelling our data governance app

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Building new data collection apps that match your data governance processes