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Join our Health Data Governance workshop in Barcelona, 12 December 2023

Written by Eric Rochman
Updated at Thu Nov 23 2023
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Who should read this:

Data governance leads, data policy managers, and data managers across the health sector (pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, non-government organisations, community health, hospital networks, biotech, health tech startups)

What it’s about:

Platformable is hosting our first in-person training workshop on new approaches to health data governance, drawing on global best practices. This article provides details on the current professional landscape of health data governance and how our workshop will support individuals in building their skills and knowledge to support their organisations in implementing effective health data governance models.

Why it’s important:

Health data governance requires specialised skills around managing data securely, in compliance with regulations, and with a view to generating benefits for organisations and society. There is a growing need for the development of effective data governance models in the health sector as organisations strive to manage their data as a key asset for their success and the impact they have on the communities they serve. Professionals working in the health data governance field need to incorporate innovative and agile ways to implement data governance best practices.

Implementing an effective and equitable data governance system is essential for any digital health organisation. To support the adoption of proven best practice approaches, Platformable is hosting an in-person workshop titled “New Thinking in Health Data Governance” in Barcelona on December 12, 2023. Our workshop will focus on how your organisation can incorporate industry best practices in the development of your data governance processes across the data journey (from data collection, to transformation, storage, use and analysis, and to reporting and potential data sharing).

We encourage individuals who currently work in the health sector and support data governance activities to participate in the workshop as well as professionals who are looking to break into the field.

As more organisations focus on treating data as an asset, we’re seeing a growing number of professional roles related to data governance management appear in the job market, especially in the health sector. At present, there are 42 positions vacant on LinkedIn in Barcelona for data governance leads. There is a growing need for all organisations to hire professionals working in this space to help them establish data models that support a data-driven mindset. This need will only grow further as organisations seek to leverage their data for artificial intelligence tooling.

Our workshop has been specifically designed to support your professional development by sharing the latest thinking and best practices. Attending our interactive workshop will add vitality to your work and provide you with a clear framework for all of your data governance activities, in a cohesive and comprehensive approach which you can use as a roadmap as you mature data management practices within your organisation.

Globally, we see the vast majority of the sector learning at the same time and making the same mistakes, but there are models to help you leap frog these common mistakes and speed up your ability to put secure, compliant, trustworthy systems in place.

Avoid common mistakes and create health data governance systems faster by participating in collaborative learning and engaging with global industry experts.

Platformable’s workshop will allow you to gain fresh insights while networking with other leaders in the health data governance field. We are also hoping to help you build your own peer network in Barcelona by joining with our other participants. As a participatory workshop, you will make use of our tools and models in a hands-on, interactive series of exercises that focus on addressing the cultural and organisational barriers you typically face when moving from the theory of best practices to real-world implementations.



Our workshop program will cover the following topics and answer key questions:


  • Data Policy: “How do we manage data ethically and responsibly?"
  • Logic model/theory of change/operational frameworks: “What do we need to collect and why?”
  • Ecosystems and persona maps: “Who will use the data and how?”
  • Reference Library: “What external datasets can we use to demonstrate need and impact?”
  • Data Dictionary: “How do we standardise and consistently describe each data item we collect?”
  • Workflow: “What is the flow from collection to processing to analysis to use?”


We invite you to join us for this exciting opportunity. The workshop will be delivered in English and Castellano/Spanish. To register, click here.

Data Governance Lead

Why you should attend

Learn about the latest approaches to building a comprehensive health data governance system for your organisation. Practice skills in interactive workshop exercises. Meet and build relationships with other professionals in Barcelona.

Our workshop will be led by Mark Boyd and Eric Rochman.

Mark Boyd is lead author of two global data policy reports, and a data governance playbook for non-technical leaders. He was the key researcher for a WHO study on global data governance maturity, and has recently completed a series of workshops on the value of data held across Europe with Roche and the Open Data Institute. Mark has helped develop data governance frameworks and apps for community health organisations and his health inequalities research is required reading for Masters of Public Health students in Australia.

Eric Rochman is a healthcare strategy and operations leader with experience working with US government-funded payors, provider organisations, and community-based health non-profits. His work includes creating a first-of-its-kind value-based holistic care delivery model used in the healthcare industry in the US, leadership of clinical and population health analytics teams, and the development and implementation of innovative initiatives focusing on improving social determinants of health and health equity for marginalised populations. Eric has his Master's in Public Health from New York University.

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Eric Rochman


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