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Ensure your data is regulatory compliant, reusable, and leads to insights for business action
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Start your journey with our 8-module program to implement your data governance model

What's included
Video Classes

Engaging and comprehensive video classes covering each module, offering in-depth explanations and practical insights

Hands-on Exercises

Apply theoretical knowledge through exercises and case studies that simulate real-world data governance challenges

Comprehensive Materials

Access world-class resources such as readings and templates to deepen your understanding and support your learning

Framework Development

Take what you are learning in each module to build out the first version of your organizational data framework by the end of the course

Open Banking Data Governance Course

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Gain essential knowledge and practical skills to implement effective Data Governance practices across your organization.

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    8 module program to build and implement your own Data Governance model
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    1 free one-on-one session with a Data Governance expert