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At Platformable, we measure the growth of open ecosystems.

Digital governments around the world are working on using APIs to enable a new range of digital government products and services. Many of these are being delivered within government, by enabling APIs to allow faster service development across departments. But governments are also starting to open up APIs to third parties to enable new products and services to be built with government APIs as core ingredients. This work is just beginning.


Government roles with APIs

Platformable tracks the growth of government activity in leveraging APIs to create open ecosystems across four key government API roles:

  • Governments make data available via APIs, such as weather APIs
  • Governments create shared digital services APIs, such as identity verification services
  • Governments release APIs through large data pipelines, such as with Internet of Things (IoT) data that can be used for real-time reporting or machine learning
  • Governments set regulatory standards that may mandate the use of APIs.

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