Mission Statement

To support governments and businesses to build platforms and ecosystems that allow users to participate and co-create

Key Work Areas

We focus on the following areas:

  • Digital Government
  • Open Banking
  • Sustainable Food Systems (Q3 2020)
  • Public Health (Q4 2020)
  • Climate Crisis (Q4 2020)

About Platformable's Founder, Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd profile photo

Mark Boyd is a writer and analyst who has been working on API strategies and resources for government and businesses for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he worked in public health and urban planning where he designed data models and built dashboards for city governments to address key public health and social wellbeing needs. He has worked in policy development to reduce inequalities and started his professional career contributing to initiatives that responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Australia in the early 90s.

For the past ten years, Mark has worked on analysing the API sector to understand platform models and to create participation metrics for ecosystems. Platformable now aims to harness this expertise by focusing on working with governments and businesses to use data, digital services, best practices, and tools to ensure that platforms are sustainable, equitable and participatory.

Platformable's Team

Phuong Pham profile picture

Phuong Pham
Open Banking Industry Analyst
Phuong has broad research analysis experience with a global perspective, having spent six years following European and Vietnamese banks as an equity analyst and another five years the global water and power sectors as a sector analyst.

Arjit Mathur profile picture

Arjit Mathur
Fintech Industry Analyst
Arjit (Msc. Digital Finance) has worked in fintech and banks industry analysis for over five years, including analysis of global payments providers, and fintech markets in Europe, Latin America and India.

Key Products

Platformable produces three main sets of products:

State of the Market reports:. These landscape summaries collect and analyse data (using our 5 wins model) to provide an annual overview of how ecosystems are evolving and creating value for all stakeholders

Dashboards and Trends: On a quarterly basis for subscribers, we produce subscription dashboards and overview reports for API tooling sales teams, industry market players and implementation action leaders. Our analysis helps subscribers understand the trends in API adoption and ecosystem participation for their industry sector, and identifies emerging best practices that can be followed.

Tools and Resources: Through consultancies and product development approaches, we are building key tools and resources to help governments and business adopt APIs successfully and sustainably. Tools include maturity checklists, planning templates, analysis maps, and other resources.

Privacy Policy

Platformable is committed to managing people's data responsibly. Check out our privacy policy.

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